Logos: embodying ethos

One of my favorite types of design work is the logo. It's small and compact, but it should also be concentrated with meaning, like a visual poem. Everything about it must convey the values and essence of the brand, and it gives people an immediate, even emotional impression of the product. 

I recently had the great fortune to create a logo and website illustration for Courtney Young, a counselor beginning her own independent practice in Kansas City, Missouri. It was one of those dream projects that every designer gets excited about, because Courtney is an incredibly creative person, and also has a very clear ethos in her work. She primarily works to help women who "crave healing from the past, who are standing at a fork in the road, who are suffering, changing, in transition, stuck or paralyzed, hoping to rekindle creativity, intimacy, intuition."  In our initial consultations she also explained that she is drawn to fluid and circular imagery and bright, saturated colors. From the examples she showed me I could also see that she loves painterly images. 

I wanted to convey the hopeful and joyous nature of Courtney's practice in the designs, in such a way that it would also reflect her unique personality. It ended up being a chance to get out my watercolors and brushes and play with color! What could be more fun? In the end she decided to use two complementary illustrations that I painted, for her website and business cards. Here they are: 


In this first image I was inspired by the newly opening lotus bloom, because of its spiritual and symbolic nature of resilience and healing; yet I kept it abstracted and stylized so it could also evoke the energy of a flame.


This second images is all about movement and energy! In it I tried to create a dancing quality, to embody Courtney's whimsical spirit and contagious joyfulness. True to Courtney's work, I actually felt creatively renewed after completing this project for her practice. 

To see some of the inspiring things that she writes, check out her blog on her website here. Have a happy weekend!