Stitching & sewing

What is it about thread and needle that is so beguiling? The longer I work with it, the more I feel enchanted by this ancient art medium. The silken line weaving over and under fabric, creating a raised surface- it can be a mesmerizing and meditative experience.


The detail of this figure above was done on linen with my sewing machine, using the free motion embroidery foot. It's gestural drawing experience, as the free motion function of the machine doesn't allow for perfect precision. I like this about it.


This weekend I'll be teaching another type of embroidery, hand embroidery, which is much more controlled and precise, and which I also love. I've been learning new techniques in preparation, and having lots of fun with it. These raised designs have an especially tactile quality. If you live in the Columbus area and are interested in participating in a workshop such as this, leave a comment or email me, or check out our Columbus Craft Collective page. Here is more information about what we do from one of my previous blog posts.

Below are some of my other hand embroidered designs, which show some of the versatility of the medium.