Pies, glorious pies!

When my friend Stella told me that she was starting a homemade pie company and needed a logo, I was thrilled at the news. First, because Stella has a magical touch in the kitchen. When we lived together in Oxford, England, she was always baking delicious things, and introducing me to new flavors and ways of cooking. She has sent me her own hand-written recipes in the mail before. Once we hand-whipped cream for a cheesecake she made, just for the experience of it, and because we share the conviction that enjoyment of the final product is always greater when work is put into every step. 

I was also excited at the chance to make a logo for her, because there's something special about creating a design for something that is already beautiful in and of itself. I love the crimped edges of pies and the golden hue of a baked crust. Because of this, I especially enjoyed the brainstorming and sketching portion of the project, where we just traded ideas and I made several images to narrow our focus. Here are a couple of the ideas that helped us move toward the final design:

Stella wanted something simple and clean and yet also containing a hand-drawn element. And, I wanted to create a design that would reflect the artistry and care that she puts into her baking. In the end we decided upon hand-lettering as well as a graphic illustration of raspberries. Here is the final logo:


It was a joy from start to finish. Best of all, Stella sent me a complimentary Browned Butter Apple Pecan Pie from her menu. It was pure heaven, and the essence of everything I love about fall. Here is a peek: 

It is just as buttery and flaky as it looks. YUM.

It is just as buttery and flaky as it looks. YUM.