At times it has been a bit of a juggling act to balance the different kinds of work I do, particularly since my livelihood is divided between teaching art to children and doing freelance design and illustration. 

But the longer I work with children, the more I see that these two big areas really inform each other. The children always show me how to see the world in fresh ways, and being an illustrator keeps me creative in my teaching. 

I've gotten the urge to experiment in illustration more lately, and get out of my comfort zone, thanks to some new projects I've been doing with my students. Pastel is not my normal medium, but I'd been having conversations about dreams and the imagination with some of my students, and it just seemed like the right fit for this picture. Here is the work in progress:

Nimbus Skyboat

Nimbus Skyboat

It's messy and not perfect. But, neither is my life. I've come to the realization that I'd rather show what I've been up to, more often, than only more rarely put up finished and polished work.

Have a dreamy weekend!